Determination pays off

Rimgaudas Tamulevicius recently started an assignment via Brunel as an embedded software engineer. Originally from Lithuania, he came to the Netherlands for a quick visit six years ago and never left…

A bit about me

I studied ICT & Technology at Fontys Eindhoven, and this is my first job after study. I initially came to the Netherlands for a short stay almost six years ago, but I really liked it here and so I stayed! I appreciate the minimalism, the layout of the cities and the bike rides - I don’t even mind the rain so much.

My current role and responsibilities

I recently started at Demcon as an embedded software engineer, where I’ll be involved in multiple projects. Demcon is a fast-growing, high-tech company that focuses on medical systems, and is a leader in the respiratory device market. I’m mainly responsible for implementation and testing of software. I’m very determined and persistent, and I don’t like leaving tasks unfinished. These are really important qualities to have in my field of engineering, because things don’t usually work the very first time, or the way you expected, but you just have to persist and keep going.

Getting started with Brunel

I posted my resume on and was quickly contacted by a Brunel consultant. Brunel offered me some interesting projects, so I was happy to join them. But first I had to get through the interviews: my consultants prepared me really well for these – they even came along with me and let me know what I did well and how I could improve. As well as being helpful for any interviews I do in the future, it’s good for my personal development.

Thanks to Brunel, I’m currently doing a Dutch language course and I recently completed a two-day course on different personality types. The latter was really practical as it helps me to identify and adjust to the people I come across in my work and personal life. 

Finding the right fit

I should mention that I was posted somewhere else before I started at Demcon. At first I was happy there, and I learned a lot. But eventually the project stalled, which was really frustrating and no longer inspiring. I tried to suggest solutions, but it wasn’t working. 

I discussed my frustrations with my Brunel consultant, who promised to find a solution. He was really understanding and supportive. Eventually he suggested a new project, but I had mixed feelings about leaving as I had great colleagues and it was mostly a good experience. But I'm really happy with this new challenge and it feels like the right fit.

My typical day in the workplace

The first things I do when I arrive at Demcon are turn on the laptop on and get coffee! Then I check my emails, chat a bit with my colleagues and (once the coffee kicks in) I get to work, which means going through the following steps: 

  1. Design: investigate and understand how the system should work
  2. Implementation: write a code
  3. Testing: check if it works the way it should
  4. Does it do everything it should? 

No? > Go back to Step 1 and repeat the process.
Yes? > Finished!

I haven’t been in the role long, but I’ve already learned a lot about medical equipment technologies, which I previously had no contact with, so it’s all new and interesting to me. I hope to stay at Demcon for a while. I see lots of interesting projects and plenty of potential here!

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