Training course for professionalising team leaders

In IT departments, operational activities are often split between teams, with each team having its own responsibilities and tasks. These teams need to work together to provide optimal IT services – and team leaders play an important role in achieving this cooperation. We’ve developed a training course for this group, aimed specifically at improving the practical skills of team leaders in an IT organisation.


This course is for existing and aspiring team leaders in IT departments (with HR responsibilities), and pays great attention to the skills required to steer a team operationally, in terms of both personnel and the quality of IT services.


Leadership skills and know-how are crucial to creating a successful team. Examples of this are the skills required in cooperation, coaching, steering, evaluating, prioritising and division of work. Alongside these skills, this course looks at service management, knowledge management and leadership styles. It’s based on the following themes, which will form a solid foundation for each team leader: 

  • fundamentals of ICT support and management
  • service processes, portfolios and SLAs
  • formulation and realisation of targets
  • monitoring, reporting and steering
  • time management
  • internal and external communication
  • division of work, delegation and safeguarding of knowledge.



The two-day training course costs €1,250 per person (plus VAT).