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As an employer, you need the right specialists for your flexible workforce, at the right time. In this constantly changing employment market, some specialists are or will become scarce, while others are in plentiful supply. To attract the best candidates for your organisation proactively and continuously, it’s essential that your hiring process is perfectly organised. Brunel Resourcing Solutions offers support for timely recruitment of the right specialists for your organisation through a permanent personal contact.

Knowledge partner
With 40 years’ experience in employment services, we’ve gathered considerable knowledge of the market. This knowledge enables us to provide insight into the opportunities and challenges for your capacity issues in the future.

We can provide support in the design and execution of a compliant and efficient hiring process, which will always be based on your needs. If necessary, we can help you with continuous improvement, always in compliance with applicable rules and regulations.

A single point of contact
Your dedicated consultant at Brunel can help you with all of your capacity issues, so that your temporary staff are sourced through a single contact. These may be employees from our own network or from the networks of other suppliers.

Monitoring and optimisation
We constantly monitor the processes, quality and performance of all parties involved, as well as developments in the employment market, to continuously optimise and update our services. We believe in actively sharing knowledge and insight with you so that you keep control of your own work process.

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