Global Sourcing Services

Our Global Sourcing consultants provide, support and hire your international specialists. We’ll recruit suitable employees and look after all the organisational aspects of the placement for both you and them. We facilitate all legal aspects and practical matters on the employees’ behalf, so that they can concentrate on their work from day one.

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Our Global Sourcing Services are specifically aimed at:

Foreign employees in the Netherlands

Employing an expat who meets a specific job description can be a solution when there are insufficient local candidates available. We ensure that all foreign employees working for us in the Netherlands have:
  • a valid work and residence permit (Brunel is recognised as a sponsor by the IND Naturalisation Department)
  • a compliant dossier, in keeping with the statutory rules and regulations
  • a national BSN (ID) number, the necessary insurance policies, a Dutch bank account and any other matters required for legal residence in the Netherlands
  • supervision by an HR Consultant who specialises in expat assistance, such as providing language courses and other training
  • help with practical matters such as organising their travel and searching for housing.

Dutch Brunel employees abroad

Our own employees are regularly deployed for Dutch clients in projects abroad. This is sometimes for just one or two days but it can also be for longer projects. We take care of practical matters such as permits, insurance, visas and statutory requirements (depending on the location, the work to be performed and the duration of stay).

Local professionals for foreign projects

Many of our Dutch clients are internationally represented and can be effectively provided with capacity abroad through our international network – Brunel has 104 offices in 35 countries. Depending on your requirements, we can offer various types of cooperation, either locally or centrally organised from the Netherlands.


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Manager Global Sourcing

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