Philips & Brunel Talent Program

The Philips & Brunel Talent Program is a unique and customized three-year program in collaboration with Royal Philips and Brunel focused on starters with a completed technical master’s degree. During your master’s, you gained considerable knowledge in the fields of Physics, Electrical, Mechanical and Mechatronics of Industrial Engineering — now it’s time to put it to practice!

With Philips nurturing your technical growth and Brunel focusing on your personal and professional skills, the Philips & Brunel Talent Program aims to fully support and facilitate your development. Together with your fellow trainees, you will face this challenge!

Your career opportunities

The Philips & Brunel Talent Program fits well with positions in technical project environments where soft skills and technical knowledge are addressed together. You will be part of a technical project team where you will be in contact with internal and external stakeholders, both nationally and internationally. The program offers the possibility to develop either in a broad technical sense or to specialize. Apart from technical growth, we will also challenge you as a person.

Depending on your ambitions and career path, you can work in different departments within Royal Philips during the first three years of the traineeship; in the third year, you’ll get the chance to hire and coach a new trainee yourself or enter an international position.

Think of positions such as System Engineer, Constructor and Designer as a chance for future growth towards Senior System Engineer, Senior Constructor, Senior Designer, Architect, Project Lead or Team Lead.

Your work environment

Brunel is involved in a substantial national and international network of leading businesses and technical specialists. For over 40 years, Brunel has been one of the largest secondment agencies in the world for (technical) bachelor’s, master’s and PhD professionals.

Royal Philips is one of the most innovative technical organizations in the world. For years, Royal Philips has been the most active patent applicant in the Netherlands at the European Patent Office. There is a tremendous amount of technical knowledge and expertise available within Royal Philips.

Your program

The Philips & Brunel Talent Program enriches the experience you gain at Royal Philips through a combination of substantive training, networking and extensive guidance from Philips and Brunel. During a period of three years, you will receive personalized teachings and monthly contact meetings with your Brunel consultant and coach from Royal Philips. This way, you will grow from an ambitious starter to a driven professional!

Knowledge development

Your recently-completed technical study will form the perfect foundation for your first activities in the working field. Together we will find a development, coaching and training plan that matches your competence, ambitions and wishes.

Soft skill training examples:

Giving and receiving feedback, personal leadership, presentation techniques, effective communication, project-based working, the psychology of behavior, handling tension, time management, situational leadership, and Dutch.

Brunel Consultancy & Training will facilitate these in collaboration with external specialists and local consultants.

Practical experience & networking

Along with developing your knowledge and expertise, you will apply what you’ve learned in practice. In order to make the most impact, we’ll meet regularly:
■ A kick-off meeting
■ POP-, evaluation, and performance reviews
■ Interventions based on cases
■ Brunel Interactive Events
■ In-depth meetings
■ Regional networking drinks

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