These are the questions you ask in your job interview

'Do you have any questions yourself?' A job interview often ends with this question. What are the right questions to ask at such a moment? 
Our consultants will tell you which questions you can ask. They will showcase that you have informed yourself about the organisation, that you are interested, and that you know what is important to you.

When will you (the manager) be satisfied?

By asking this question, you will find out more about the standards the manager keeps. Will the manager let you be free to choose your own activities, or does this person work according to strict protocols? The answer to that question will tell you something about how working with this person will be and it shows you how the function is structured. 
Yke Hoekstra – Managing Consultant

Where are the biggest challenges within the department and the job itself?

This will give you insight into the most important tasks for you and the team. It will also allow you to consider if the challenges match your ambition and expertise. And, consequently, whether the job is sufficiently challenging for you.
Madeleine Keur – Executive consultant

Is there anything else...? 

The shortest question in this list. What Martijn wants to say with this question is: don't be afraid to enquire more deeply. If the employer has just explained something about the job, you can ask a more in-depth question. You will get answers that will offer more details, so you can get a better feel about the job and whether it matches your own requirements. 
Martijn van Leeuwen – Recruitment Consultant

What is the atmosphere like within the department? 

During the interview, it is not just the employer who is continuously testing whether you and the vacancy will be a match. You do this too. The job description or a website will tell you nothing about the atmosphere at the workplace, so ask this question to be sure that there is a good match.
Vanessa Chan – Sourcing Consultant

What would make me successful in this organisation?

Knowing what makes someone successful within the organisation will tell you something about how others have gained successes and what you need to do. This way, you will know what to expect and in what way you can deliver quality. 
Mike Herrebout – Sourcing Consultant

What do you like about working in this organisation?

This question will make someone else tell you something from his or her own experience. The answer you get will give a good insight into what drives other people who are working in this organisation.
Janny Heestermans – Senior Consultant

What does this organisation do to help people develop themselves further?

Of course, developing your career is important. The organisation may offer courses or informative sessions, or maybe a training budget is part of the labour conditions. It is good for you to know, but it is also good that you show that personal development is important to you. 
Martijn Jonkman – Senior Sourcing Consultant

Can you tell me what a working day looks like?

In addition to all the goals and tasks, you want to know what your days will actually look like. Ask this question to get a real idea of how this will be. You will find out, for example, whether there are a lot of meetings, whether you will have flexible working hours, and how everything goes at the workplace. 
Carlijn Poorthuis – Senior Consultant

What would be a good reason for me to choose your organisation as an employer?

During the interview, it is not just about the choice the employer has to make. You also have to choose the organisation. By asking this question, you will find out whether your ambitions are a match with the opportunities the employer can offer you.
Lisanne Scholten – Senior Sourcing Consultant