5 things many people forget to mention on their resume

You have spent hours on a good application letter, because you want to make sure that your letter stands out from the 99 other applicants. Of course, a good letter is important, but don't forget to take a closer look at your CV as well. Contrary to what you might think, recruiters often read your CV first, and then they move on to your letter. Time to take a second view on your CV and check whether you have not left out any important information. Let us help you!

1. Keep it personal! You know that your CV should not become a long and extended piece of writing. Nevertheless, it is good to have your personal branding reflected in your CV. What makes you unique? This is the only way to make yourself stand out in the job market and to secure that job. Are you still looking for your personal brand? We can teach you to find the brand that shows who you are.   

2. A very simple one: your date of birth. You would think this is an obvious one, but people often forget. Thankfully, you can easily check this and add it immediately.   

3. Don't forget to include the promotions you've made in your CV. Even when they basically did not change anything to your official job title. Maybe you were given more responsibilities, or you moved to another department while doing the same kind of job. It is all worth mentioning!  

4. Make sure that all your social accounts are in order, not just your LinkedIn profile. Recruiters often use social media to screen you, so think about your Facebook and Twitter accounts as well. Did you know that you can include a very short and personal URL on your LinkedIn profile?  

5. And students, remember: you don't have any, or hardly any, work experience? Explain a bit more about the subjects, minors, and projects that you have done. You may have picked up certain skills while doing them, and they will definitely be an asset!